M3 Half Track - Scratch Built

  • DSCF5774
This is a large scale M3 halftrack which was scratchbuilt from plastic sheet and evergreen rod and tube, no kit parts were used no mouldings and no brass etched. It took over three months to complete and was painted with Humbrol paints and then weathered. There are over one thousand individually cut parts in the model.
I found a set of drawings on the net on a blueprints page they were quite good but very small, I photocopied them until I was happy about the scale, then i had a change of heart and went even bigger. The scale as far as I can tell works out around somewhere between 1/8 or 1/10 th. I have not worked it out accurately, but as you can see its BIG. I could not find any drawings of the chassis so I used some photos and a bit of guess work to draw my own and the breakdown of the 1/35th model by Dragon helped. As for inspiration it looked like a real challenge and until the Dragon kit no one had done an M3 in a large scale, so I gave it a shot. It was built over a 3 month period and has about 10 to 15 sheets of plastic card in it and load and loads of evergreen rod and tube, and 5 or 6 tin of Humbrol paint and buckets of patience.
  • m2_plans_1
  • m2_half_track_plans
  • m2_chassis_top
  • m2_chassis_side
  • m2_over_all_shot
  • track_top
  • track_underside
  • DSCF4396
  • DSCF4398
  • DSCF4397
  • m2_near_side_chassis_front
  • engine_top1
  • engine_in_chassis
  • front_axle_underside1
  • DSCF5083
  • cab_floor_plates
  • DSCF5082
  • grille_top
  • low_down_body_shot
  • overhead_seats
  • pedal_gear
  • DSCF5081
  • cab_floor
  • cab_overhead
  • cab_step
  • DSCF5384
  • DSCF5772
  • DSCF5769
  • DSCF57611
  • DSCF5759
  • DSCF5770
  • DSCF5771
  • DSCF5768
  • DSCF5760
  • DSCF5763
  • DSCF5764
  • DSCF5765
  • DSCF57621
  • DSCF5382
  • DSCF5383
  • DSCF57671
  • DSCF5774
  • painted_front
  • painted_interior
  • DSCF5791
  • DSCF58871
  • DSCF5886
  • DSCF58851
  • DSCF5884
  • DSCF5794
  • DSCF57931
  • DSCF5792
  • DSCF5773

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