Model Makers Toolbox

6. Tweezers: Various types available such as fine tipped, curved and clamping for holding small parts.

7. Clamps: These are useful when making a kit that requires parts to be pressed together for a long time while the glue sets (for example, aircraft wings). Again, inexpensive common household objects can be used such as rubber bands, cellophane tape, or clothespins can be used. Clothespins can be modified by reversing the wooden clamps to increase the clamping pressure. Small cross-action clamps are also handy for smaller parts as are larger plastic clamps for the big parts.

8. Sanding Sticks: These are used to smooth seams and burrs from parts. Another trip to the nail care section will yield Emery boards. These little sanding sticks are very useful and inexpensive. There are also more expensive versions that have varying grits. An assortment of wet-dry sandpaper is recommended too.

9. Files: Needle files in various shapes and sizes are more advanced tools. They are used to remove mold lines from parts and much of the same uses as sanding sticks, just a more precise (and expensive) instrument.

10. Drills: Another more advanced tool is a pin vise and needle drills. This is use to drill small holes into parts, such as hollowing out the ends of machine guns or opening up vision ports.

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